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As a professional Tutor I can provide help and guidance with the following..

  • Learning from the start - you are never too old to begin. I'm also happy to teach children (I have taught children from age 5!).

  • Learn what you want, how you want. Although I can provide a learning structure everyone learns differently, I pride myself on tailoring lessons to the individual without compromising progress, there are many ways to approach problem areas and get results. I'm more than happy to teach you the things you want to know, from help with learning your favorite songs, to writing your own and if you wish, learning the theory behind it all (not as daunting as it seems!)


  • All grades taught. Guitar and Ukulele

  • I provide print-outs for all my students with notation/TAB, scales, song chords and theory. These are for you to keep to help make the learning process easier.


  • Intermediate to advanced players - I can help expand your playing techniques and knowledge of the fret-board, pitch axis theory, modes, scales, intervals, ear training, improvisation and extended and altered chords. I can also help with those trickier songs and alternative time signatures.

  • Video Lessons are now available, please do get in touch for more info.

  • Face to face lessons available at my very own studio based in-between Horsham and Dorking

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